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Evolve Records LLC is an artist management and recording company introducing new music to the world. 

About Evolve Records

Founder Lisa Lisa, American Pop R&B star originally from Hells Kitchen New York, and former member of the Full Force Cult Jam pop group during the 80’s was an instant sensation with multiple number one hits in her career.  35 years later, Lisa still sings for her fans all over the world and now has evolved in the music industry with her newest project of nourishing the next generation of upcoming artist.  

Our Mission

Our Mission at Evolve Records LLC is simple, keep the passion alive in global talent and continue to produce everlasting music to the world that will be heard on for generations.  

We want to hear what singers sing.  We want to produce what song writers pour their hearts into, and we want to manage the talent of the world.  

Our Founder

In spite of the fact that Lisa Lisa, one of the most prominent voices behind some of the 1980’s most memorable hit songs, surprisingly little is known about beyond her talent for singing.  Lisa is a thriving entrepreneur managing her own career while running her company along with managing her musical artists and promotion team. 

a word from Lisa  I love music and I will do it til the day I die.  PERIOD!!

So in saying that, I just want to add that God has blessed all of us with a talent within, we all have to ignite that passion for what we love to do.  I found mine at a very young age (singing) so I always encourage all the young talent I encounter to explore deep inside, and just GO For It!!

Our venture Evolve Records LLC was created out of just pure passion to continue producing everlasting music to the world that will be heard on for generations.

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