Music Management and Recording

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Artist Development

Evolve Records LLC is not just a management and recording company, we’re always on the lookout for that next Ella James who posses the talent that moves the world with angelical voices and musical gifts. 

Artist Management

Managing an artist is considered to us an honor and a privilege.  We take very serious the choice of an artist to select Evolve Records LLC to manage the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.

Studio Recording

Evolve Records LLC works with some of the top studios in the nation.  Our team of Engineers range from genre’s in Hip Hop, Dance, R&B, Gospel, Latin and more.  With over 30+ years in the industry, we coach our artists to reach the full potential of their talent when in a recording session.


Most artists write their own music and we fully encourage them to do so.  We love when an artist is a full package of singer and songwriter cause it really demonstrates a raw passion for the music. 

Music Management

Creating music is fun and we love doing it, but once the music is made it needs to be managed, promoted and distributed.  Evolve Records LLC sets the pace for new releases and marketing to launch songs and book tours.

Recording Deals


Though we are a record label as well as a management company, we work with other independent record labels in search of the best possible deal for our artists.  

Music Is What Feelings Sound Like

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